Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Out With the Old. In With the New

Those two pictures represent a huge change in the life of That Devil Music. As of today we will no longer be on the http://thatdevilmusic.blogspot.com. The new address is http://thatdevilmusic.net with a whole new layout. I commented on the first podcast of the year that this was going to be a goal and though I'm a month behind schedule it finally has happened thanks to Scott of Hook in Mouth and now here. So head on over to the new site, eventually anyone coming here will be redirected there , and give a look and let me know what you think. There will be a grand opening article with a bunch more news to share as well on the new digs.

I'd like to thank Guillermo at Loud Reviews and Randy from Official Metal Show Metal Blog for being early friends and I hope you guys continue to check in to our doings on the new URL. Also I'd like to say thanks to Cable Zombie for early commentary and providing us with some good content with the acoustic Metallica covers. If anybody needs to email us for anything the new e-mail is thatdevilmusic@gmail.com. Catch on ya the other side!

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