Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Out With the Old. In With the New

Those two pictures represent a huge change in the life of That Devil Music. As of today we will no longer be on the http://thatdevilmusic.blogspot.com. The new address is http://thatdevilmusic.net with a whole new layout. I commented on the first podcast of the year that this was going to be a goal and though I'm a month behind schedule it finally has happened thanks to Scott of Hook in Mouth and now here. So head on over to the new site, eventually anyone coming here will be redirected there , and give a look and let me know what you think. There will be a grand opening article with a bunch more news to share as well on the new digs.

I'd like to thank Guillermo at Loud Reviews and Randy from Official Metal Show Metal Blog for being early friends and I hope you guys continue to check in to our doings on the new URL. Also I'd like to say thanks to Cable Zombie for early commentary and providing us with some good content with the acoustic Metallica covers. If anybody needs to email us for anything the new e-mail is thatdevilmusic@gmail.com. Catch on ya the other side!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Devil's Rant! Musicians with Political Views

I'm not really sure what has compelled me to write this article, other than me getting stoned sitting around with my friends and saying, "You know what pisses me off? Musicians who create music solely to speak their political opinion." The very first thing that will turn me off from an album or from a band is when it just wreaks of political messages most of the time they are ill informed and watch CNN like a religion. Now I understand I might get a lot of shit for this but it's a risk I'm willing to take. So lets do this.

The Devil's Advocate: Arch Enemy - Gassow Vs. Liiva

In case you're not in the know, Arch Enemy had a singer before Angela Gassow. Their first three albums are often overlooked by a lot of new fans and it's a shame. From 1996 t0 2000, Johan Liiva fronted the Swedish based band. Arch Enemy released Black Earth, Stigmata and Burning Bridges, three killer albums that have a slightly more raw sound to them than today's Arch Enemy.

Some rather newer fans got a taste of some of the songs from the first three albums on Arch Enemy's latest release, The Root Of All Evil which was re-recordings of some songs from the first three albums with Gassow on vocals. Some older A.E. fans found this to be a bit redundant and/or disrespectful to Liiva. Kind of like Exodus thinking it was necessary to re-record Bonded By Blood with Rob Dukes. Kind of a different situation all together though.

King Diamond Graduated. From Cardiac Rehab.

Yep that old geezer is none other then King Diamond proudly showing off his certificate saying he's recovered enough after getting his heart damn near rebuilt. No word if the falsetto is still in tact but after the jump is some HEARTening words from his hot piece of ass trophy wife after the jump.

Devil's Rejects: Biopsycunt

So the teletubbies grew up and became a grindcore band huh?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Devil Music A-Z: Epica

It's no secret if you're a regular reader to this blog that Epica gets alot of love from Draeden and I. I've reviewed the last album Design Your Universe. Draeden did a concert review or two and a Succubus Showcase.

Now I'm not going to wax all poetic and melodramatic about this band. I had a spell where I was digging symphonic gothic metal bands and Epica was in that pile. What was originally a band that sounded like it should be scoring films turned into a well rounded band by the last album. As time has gone by Epica is about the only band worth a shit in this genre. Within Temptation is flirting with movies and comic books. Nightwish well let's just say my expectations are low and After Forever went defunct. Plus unlike my touchy feely counterpart I actually posted a picture with a cleavage shot. Simone doesn't want to be viewed as someone up there that's just tits and ass well to bad. I'd motorboat her. So there is that. Anyways, here is without a doubt my favorite track by this band. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hatriot Debuts Another Song.

Zetro is not wasting any time getting this new project off the ground. In just a couple of months a single was debuted, an official website was launched, and now another song is being debuted. It's called 'The Fear Within' and it's different to say the least. I swear by now if Zetro wanted to be in a black metal band he could with the vocal style he has on here. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Devil Music A-Z: Enditol

Back when I first wanted to expand my operations on the blog site Sacha Laskow of Enditol was the first person/project to send me a free promo for review. And it was a good start as you can read here. Really good progressive music especially as a side project. I hope this project continues and gets more exposure as I like it better then his main band Divinity. Recently Quigs at TNOTB did an interview with Sacha and it's pretty decent so go check that out. In the meantime enjoy the track Monoculture from the S/T debut. And if this is intriguing you can go to their Myspace to learn more.

Friday, March 11, 2011

FREE MUSIC: The End Records 2011 Sampler

Who doesn't like free music? Nazis, that's who! Well, even Nazis probably like free music. The End Records has made a free 2011 sampler available via Bandcamp.com. The 12 track sampler contains songs from such bands as Danzig, Anvil, Dir En Grey, Goes Cube, Kvelertak and more! See the complete track listing and get the link after the fold.

Sawyer's Shred Spotlight: The Life & Times of Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Pt 1

yngwie malmsteen Pictures, Images and Photos

As mentioned last week, today’s edition of Sawyer’s Shred Spotlight is going to be a discussion of one of the men most synonymous with the word shred, the Swede with speed, Mr. Yngwie Malmsteen himself. Now, first I just want to say that these articles won’t encompass every detail of Malmsteen’s 30+ year career, but many important aspects, as well as some of my own commentary on the whole deal (Also, I decided after writing this all out that it would probably be better to break it up into two chunks, so hopefully its not too long winded). So hit the jump, and we’ll get started!

Halestorm does Skid Row better than Skid Row does Skid Row


Ok, maybe I'm being a little biased here. I do wanna go on the record and say that I still love Skid Row, no matter how douchey Mr. Bach can be but this cover is just so epic...

So the band from Pennsylvania is coming out with a cover EP lovingly titled Reanimate and it's got quite an interested collection that, according to Halestorm: "features a collection of 6 songs that mirror our influences as a band and as fans of great music!"

The Softer Side of Black Label Society is Coming With An Acoustic EP

Black Label Society may have slowed down the pace of releasing albums every year because Zakk Wylde is not young anymore and prone to blood clots but they still try to provide music when they can. Next up on May 3rd from eOne Records is an acoustic EP entitled 'The Song Remains Not the Same'. No it's not a cover album of Led Zeppelin but instead acoustic redoes of songs from Order of the Black and some other tunes recorded during those sessions. This doesn't surprise me as Order of the black was overloaded with ballads so why not make some of the heavier tunes acoustic too? I'm probably going to pass on this but the hardcore BLS fans might be stoked. Track listing after the jump.

Metal Hammer's 2011 Golden Gods. Now with Less Fail.

Alright, it's time to rip into another publications award thing. Well try to anyway. It seems this year Metal Hammer, unlike it's U.S. counterpart Revolver is trying for more legitimacy this year. While Metal Hammer does it's own voting for the bigger categories, fans have an opportunity to vote for the rest of them. And you can do that here.Let's look at the nominees shall we?

Devil's Review: Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising

Today might be a historic day. I'm about to get fanboy in a review. Not too many bands these days can I honestly say that it would be extremely difficult to disappoint me in any way. Amon Amarth is one of those bands. While I'm not a big fan of the earlier works from the 90's I have grown to love the direction Amon Amarth has taken over the past five releases. And yes I'm counting Surtur Rising in that list. Some of the complaints I've seen has been that AA has become samey or there is pining for the old days. Well for those people with those complaints, I say to you. Pick up Surtur Rising. Here's why after the jump.

Sumerian Records Owner Mad About Music Pirates. Opens a New Record Store.

While I'm not a fan of most of Sumerian Records lineup I have to give props to Ash Avildsen for doing something most people in the industry don't do. And that is not only express anger at music piracy but actually try and do something about it. You see a few days ago he went on Facebook and threw out a tirade about people leaking the new Born of Osiris album. You can get the full details over at HBIH. But instead of just throwing a temper tantrum as misguided as it sounds like it is Ash is actually opening a new record store in L.A. And not just any record store but he's got some ambitious ideas for it as well. Check out the details here.

As I said I'm not a fan of the bands involved in this grand opening but hopefully this is something that other label owners attempt to do, because lets face it. CD sales are down partly because some albums are only available in digital format and can't be found at retailers.Period. So the only choice is to go digital. Especially in the metal circles so if there are more stores to go to and actually browse I'm willing to bet metal fans will actually go back to the old days of buying up stacks of cd's and vinyl. Provided they're priced reasonably.Let's hope so.

Dark Castle Want You To 'Surrender To All Life Beyond Form'

Dark Castle is one of about 10 bands I kind of fell in love with when I went through a post-metal/sludge/doom phase a couple of months ago. They were one of those bands I discovered by checking out other friends of friends on Mockingbird's myspace after Paul introduced me to them. They are a duo that plays the post-metal sludge sound that a lot of bands are playing these days. Kind of like Mouth Of the Architect and Intronaut best describes their sound. Also, you probably wouldn't know it unless you were following this band for awhile, read in to their bio or heard their first album, but the frontman is actually a front...woman.

The Devil's Advocate: Megadeth's Countdown Vs. Metallica's Black Album

Welcome to the first edition of "The Devil's Advocate". Basically this column is going to stir shit up, more or less. We'll propose some stupid, overdone and/or even thought intriguing subjects for you to mull over and see what happens.

I was on my way to work this morning and was stuck in the 'M's on my iPod. Instead of taking my eyes off of the road for a few minutes to scroll through, I went from Mastodon to Megadeth and for whatever reason, I picked 1992's Countdown To Extinction. It doesn't take me very long to get to work, so I only got through the first three songs, but while heading home from work, I continued to listen and started thinking that this album is so much better than The Black Album in so many ways.

Devil's Rejects: Spazztic Blurr

Am I the only one that didn't know Chuck E. cheese was in a band?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Devil's Review : Sons of Seasons - Magnisphyricon


Sons of Seasons releases their sophomore album on March 1st and it's called Magnisphyricon. Sons of Seasons is a German dark power metal band and the brainchild of Kamelot key-master Oliver Palotai. The only thing that I can think to complain about on the upcoming release is trying to pronounce the title (which I still can't seem to do properly). :)

Right off the top it comes off as a dark and foreboding album and within the first few notes I am reminded of a Freddy Kreuger-esque instrumental that subconsciously causes me to keep looking over my shoulder as I listen.

Justin Bieber goes metal?

Is it possible that Justin Beiber's time spent with Ozzy Osbourne has changed his shitty pop music ways? No, sadly he's still crap: but someone has taken one of his crap songs and made it less sucky.

Here's a heavy metal cover of Justin Beiber's "baby".


Devil's Rejects: Grog

It's like the poster for a horrible and failed Teen Nick show.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Will Morbid Angel Make it All The Way To "Z"? New Album Title Revealed.

If you are already a Morbid Angel fan then you know the deal with their album titles. Since their first official release in 1989, Morbid Angel have been releasing albums with titles in consecutive order of the alphabet. Altars Of Madness was their first major release. Hell, even their demo from 1986, Abominations Of Desolation started with "A". Since then they have followed the formula, even going so far as using it with their live album, Entangled in Chaos. 'A' through 'H' later and they are ready to release their 8th Studio album.

Soilwork Bails On Symphony X Tour.

Looks like this show got less cool. Peter Wichers, the lead guitarist for Soilwork, has back problems and has to rest up so instead of getting a replacement the bands going to sit this out. Personally for me it's really no sweat but I know at least one person in my entourage will be a bit disappointed. No word if a replacement band will be brought in. Funny how Blackguard is always slated as a fill in but this time they're already on the bill. Here is the press quote and after the jump is the tour dates in case anyone missed it before.

“Due to recurring issues with a herniated disc in his lower back requiring a prolonged period of resting and healing, our guitarist Peter Wichers is forced to sit out this spring’s North American tour with Symphony X and Nevermore.

We did consider hiring a fill-in guitar player, but we’ve decided to stick together as a band and out of respect for our fans, to cancel our participation in the tour. Our apologies to those of you who were hoping to see us. If all goes well, Peter should be healed and ready to hit the road in time for the summer festivals.”

Kirk Hammett to be on That Metal Show \m/


I'm a huge fan of That Metal Show on VH1, and I always watch it On Demand as new episodes appear. This is one I'm really excited about. We haven't heard much about Metallica lately and it's gonna be good to hear what's in the works for the boys.

Rob Liz mentioned earlier in the year that he's excited for Metallica's new release, going under the assumption that it takes them X amount of years to release one album to the next album.

Draeden's Succubus Showcase: Amanda Somerville


Amanda Somerville may not be a front-woman for a band on any sort of permanent basis but in no way does that diminish her necessity to be appreciated.

Amanda has performed with the best as well as creates her own music. She's released 4 solo cds and has a project called Kiske/Somerville with Helloween vocalist Michael Kiske. She even covered for Epica in their time of need when Simone Simons was ill and toured with the band taking center stage - and doing a fantastic job of it too (I should know, I was there).

Devil's Rejects: Captain Kill

This band is about as intimidating as the cast of Too Wong Foo.