Friday, August 20, 2010

Devil's Review: Enditol is hopefully the beginning

I'm pretty stoked as we got our first promo download in e-mail. It comes a band named Enditol which is the brainchild of Divinity's Sacha Laskow. The album is a self titled affair that is a progressive metal at it's finest. For an unsigned band the production is top notch on here and it helps that Sacha plays all of the instruments as well and he does so with the skill of many people that play their instruments individually.
This album has something for everybody that enjoys thick intelligent progressive metal. Every song has nuances to it that take you for a listening ride with nothing being predictable. The vocalist for this project is Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster from a band called Autobody that I'm unfamiliar with but I should check out. His range is amazing as he goes from a Dave Draiman style to a Devin Townsend shriek.
The fact that they're unsigned is a crime and they really need to be attached to a label ASAP. This is probably the best progressive music I've heard in years.For more information go to their Myspace page.

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