Tuesday, June 24, 2008

OMG Gn'R News

So apparently Chinese Democracy got leaked last week and I totally missed it......coz......I had better things to do. Fortuantly the crack reporters at Rolling Stone have the scoop.

Seriously, why in the hell does anyone care at this point? Is the idea of a new Guns & Roses cd that appealing that we clamor like idiots to catch a whiff of a track.....really?

Personally I'm attributing a Guns & Roses release to be right up there with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. People claim to have heard it, claimed to see it, and I'm pretty sure scientists have been involved in some way to authenticate any clues on it. I kid of course.

Look, in all honesty GnR blew it's wad on Appetite for Destruction. To this day when you say GnR that's the cd that first comes to mind. IN 1987. Yes there was Use Your Illusion 1 and 2 but those were products of an overinflated ego built up by the hype and success of Appetite. Those albums had none of the qualities that made the debut great though. G n'R Lies EP was cool though but that was snuggled between both those studio albums.

Guns N' Roses Dead

Now it's 2008 and stuff like this is continuing to pop up. How is Axel still making a living? Democracy was reported to have begun work in 1993 for God's sake. In an era where cd sales are hard to come by and any revenue generated by even world famous artists, how is this able to be strung out for so long and any kind of living be made? It's baffling to me. 15 years in a music artists lifetime is an eternity without a release.

If this gets released and I do say IF, don't be surprised at the utter disappointment you'll feel when after all this time of waiting Chinese Democracy fails to be any good. Think Phantom Menace, people. And by the time we realize this it will have become the biggest selling album of the 21st century thanks to magical ability of Axel and his people to hype this just enough to keep everyone intrigued.

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