Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rogues Gallery

dreSo I guess I should make a list of bands I'm listening to alot of lately. Let it be noted that I've only really been aware of of these groups for a few months. And most of them I wouldn't have even had listened to back in the day. But thanks to Blabbermouth and My space for allowing people like me to see whats out there.

Yeah, yeah some people will think, how the hell can you not know about x band or z band and be some professed metal head. Well life happens, people get married, have kids, have mind and time consuming jobs. It's really easy to be out of touch for a long time. Plus it doesn't help that normal radio and tv do zero promoting of this kind of music. I am having alot of fun discovering this stuff though and I'm amazed at the talent and muscianship that has developed over the past 20 years. I've also noticed that metal in general seems to have migrated to the Scandinavian and Norwegian countries. So anyways here is a list of bands I've happily discovered, or were told to listen to with their My space link if they have one. Just click on the band name.

Nevermore: Thanks to my buddy Martin who told me to get over the vocalists style and keep listening. This band is awesome. Mixes brutality with progressive elements.

Overkill: I never got into these guys in the 80's but going back over their catalog from the 90's on, this is probably one of my favorite bands. They left alot of the speed style behind and left some serious riffs. Plus Bobby's vocal style has always appealed to me (Accept, AC/DC).

Jon Oliva's Pain: I always loved Savatage. I lost track of them through the 90's and happily checking that stuff out too. I'm not to big on this latest cd but previous works are just like a continuation from the 'Tage. Same goes for the next band on my list.

Circle II Circle: Zak has a solid vocal style and this definately is a carry over of his days with the 'tage.

Opeth : I'm not a big fan of cookie monster vocals. To me alot of these bands have brilliant lyrics that get lost by trying to sound evil or "metal". I shouldn't have to look up what the hell you're saying. But Opeth is an exception, the blend of grunts and clean vocals and excellant progressive music is really really good.

Nightwish : I was intrigued by the concept of orchestration mixed with metal music after listening to and seeing TSO in concert. I was at first put off by the operatic vocals but came back to it like it alot. I don't much care for Nightwish's new singer as I think she's a poor fit for the powerful songs this band puts out. But the Tarja era stuff is really good.

Ayreon : This is just epic stuff here. It's got conceptual material, it's progressive, has an all star cast. I could literally just listen to this stuff for hours. There is an element of cheese in some of the songs and early on the synth was overused I believe but like all good groups or projects it matured and became more well rounded.

Communic : This is an excellant trio out of Sweden. They get compared to Nevermore alot because on the first two albums his vocals drifted toward Warrel's range and tone but otherwise it's really very differant and really good.

Dream Theater : I had these guys first two cd's then lost touch. Wow, there's a whole lot to digest since then.

Therion : This is pretty epic stuff. It mixes metal, orchestration, opera, and the themes are pretty cool. There were actually some tracks off Lemuria that gave me chills which doesn't happen to often.

Slayer : Yeah yeah,let me explain. Back in the day as in high school, I thought these guys were too fast and heavy for my tastes. Then I heard Seasons in the Abyss and that was more my style. Reminded me of Ride the Lightning by Metallica. But I lost touch from the scene and never bothered to listen to anything after. I've since corrected this error. Nuff said.

Battlelore : By all accounts I should not like this stuff but I do. The concept and look of this band is cheesy but if you get past those elements and take it in the context of what it is, this is great stuff. One of only a few bands I like with cookie monster vocals.

Kamelot : The worst thing about this band is it's name. This is probably the best power metal band I've ever heard. The first albums with the original singer were complete Queensryche rip offs and the first two albums with Roy on vocals were ruined by terrible production. But from the Fourth Legacy on up its good stuff.

Arch Enemy : I put this band up here because the music is just awesome. Angela's voices kills it but the music structure is very progressive and thrashy. Her roar roar I have no range vocals just don't mix most of the time with what's happening in the background, but it's tolerable so therefore I listen.

Well there you go, alot of prog, some thrash, some cheese. I'll probably do a post on what I used to listen to back in the day. That should be good for some laughs.

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