Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rogues Gallery The Sequel

So I was going over my older posts and realized on the original Rogues Gallery post that there were a few groups that I have checked out since then that I need to add. So without further ado here's some more stuff. Click on the band name or banner if one is available to check them out.

Scar Symmetry : This band balances alot of cool elements such as death grunts, clean vocals, technical playing, and orchestration. They're being dubbed as a melodic death metal group though I really don't see it. Christian Alvestam is an amazing vocalist with a huge range. However he has since parted ways with them so it will be interesting to see who they pick up in his stead and if they can continue to be good.

Katatonia : Another Swedish band that began as a doom metal outfit with growling. Jonas Renske blew his voice out though and after recovering these guys changed their sound to a more atmospheric dark sound with clean vocals. Think Opeth's Damnation album but heavier. I really dig their stuff.

Lordi : Time for the token cheesy band. These guys are an old monster movie come to life. Think Gwar but with a bit more talent. If you take away the makeup and other stuff their sound is very reminiscent of the 80's gruff voiced bands like Accept and Krokus. I think they're great but yeah definitely cheesy:)

Testament : Damn...this is thrash at it's finest. These guys have been around a long time with the 90's seeing the bulk of their work. Every style they have tackled has been excellant whether it be thrash , death, melodic. Alex Skolnick is back with them and Chuck Billy survived a cancer scare and the results of these events of late translates into a powerful cd. Check it out.

Tool : These guys were what I hung onto in the 90's when it seemed metal was dying. Progressive without a doubt. Dark and atmospheric on every album with the distinct tone of down tuned guitars and the bass featured prominently. This is not fast food music, you really have to sit and digest everything with every song. I lost track of them after Aenima but went back and checked out what I missed and it was still good stuff.

So there ya go, just a few more bands I've been listening to alot of lately, some old school, some new school, and a bit of cheese.

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