Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dream Theater fans are better then you


On Wednesday Dream Theater's new album Black Clouds and Silver Linings came out. You know what's more entertaining then listening to a new DT cd? Reading the customer reviews as they come pouring in on every new release. Go to CDNOW and type in Dream Theater and pick any album and peruse the reviews and I guarantee you'll get some amount of enjoyment out of the eventual hundreds of music critics out there.

Or if you're lazy I'll break it down like this. Here is the type of reviewers you will see.
1. The music snob that will dissect every track and inevitably make comparisons to every other release DT has ever done.
2. The troll who knows that huge DT fans will have a aneuryism if they say that DT sucks and that Limp Bizkit, Korn or Slipknot are way better.
3. The fanboys that give out a 5 star rating regardless of even hearing the cd yet. Which they usually haven't at the time of their review.
4. The Mike Portnoy haters and/or the people that bash the band as being narcissistic and overindulgent.
5.The rare person that has objectively listened to the release and has given it an appropiate rating based on fair observations.

I bought the album today and have listened to it. And here is my two cents worth. I like it like I like all of their other releases. There you go. That's it.Here is the first official video from it.

Dream Theater is not for everyone. Never have been and never will be. Almost every song they've released is in essence multiple songs in one. Their music is made to be truly listened to and absorbed.The musicians are extremely skilled and talented and their albums are showcases of that. Music should not be limited and DT tries something new with every song and every album. Chances are people are not going to like everything they hear based on all of that. Personally I have yet to hear a prog metal band do so much with their creations as these guys have and still make it interesting.

Anyways I recommend this album. Get it now at Best Buy while it's still 10 or 15 bucks depending on if you get the original cd or the 3 cd set. But even if you're a supposed fan I'd suggest giving it a listen first to make sure you like it. I'd hate to have you buy it and have it sound like Train of Thought in your mind then curse me for recommending it.

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