Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Metal Church closes the book

So it was announced today on Blabbermouth today that Metal church is calling it quits.

I have a little soft spot in my heart for the band mainly due to the mid 80's I discovered them from listening to a local high school run radio station called KVHS.It was the song "Beyond the Black" and to this day I think that song is the perfect metal song for me. So I went out and bought the cassette and played it to death.I also bought the next album "the Dark" and "Start the Fire" and "Burial at Sea" were added as my favorite tracks. I drifted away from them when Mike Howe replaced David Wane on vocals because their song switched from sinister scenarios to a more socially aware theme.

I guess David Wayne came back during the nineties but them passed away. Most of the original members but Kurt Vanderhoof left and the band became a shell of it's former self. I remember reading their last album only sold 920 copies in its first week and thinking "Jesus, the world has really forgotten about these guys".

It is really too bad that they're breaking up but honestly David Wayne should have never left especially when momentum was building on their popularity back in the day.And since he did the band should have folded probably years ago specifically when he passed. There were new bands coming on the scene that were selling twice as many records in their debut and playing to bigger audiences.

Oh well here's some vids of them when they were utterly bad ass and should have been a force. Enjoy.

Beyond the Black - This is the song I mentioned earlier. Heavy...epic and evil as hell. Perfect to me.

Watch the Children Pray - This got heavy airplay on MTV. Great song that starts slow and builds to heaviness.

In Harm's Way - this is with Mike Howe on vocals. Probably my favorite track with him.

So good luck to the current members wherever they end up and R.I.P. David Wayne.

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