Monday, September 07, 2009

The Greeks know their Metal Part IV

I want to get this over with so I'm mustering the energy and finishing this out.

25. METALLICA - "...And Justice for All" One of the good ones by them. Suffered from crap production with the bass being replaced with some low end distortion that rattled speakers and gave a muffled sound. Definatly a prog/thrash masterpiece though otherwise.

24. JUDAS PRIEST - "British Steel" More Priest for Greece. Ha! I'm a poet. Catchy but not particularly heavy. I consider this one of the top 3 favorites.

23. PARADISE LOST - "Draconian Times" Considered to be their masterpiece. Interesting that it's so high up on this poll.It doesn't suck but left me bored.

22. DEEP PURPLE - "Machine Head" Ok so Greeks consider influential metal. I'll stop harping on that.

21. AC/DC - "Highway to Hell" I won't stop harping about this though. AC/DC is not metal and never have been. Stop it world.

20. METALLICA - "Kill 'em All" Hello world...we're Metallica and we're going to be the most successful metal band in the world until we go soft in the 90's only to attempt to return to form in 2008.

19. HELLOWEEN - "Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I" Really...these guys in the top 20. Ok.

18. METALLICA - "Ride the Lightning" Close second as my favorite album. They mastered their thrash sound here and then expanded later. Personally I think it should be higher.

17. DIO - "Holy Diver" My favorite solo Dio effort. The Greeks love their sword and sorcery, no doubt.

16. MEGADETH - "Rust in Peace" Megadeth's best all around album. Interesting that it's ahead of some of Metallica's greatest albums.

15. GUNS N' ROSES - "Appetite for Destruction" Borderline metal. But yeah I can see it being on this list. Would be a top 5 in the States. G n' R should have stuck with this sound.

14. LED ZEPPELIN - "[Untitled] (a.k.a. "Led Zeppelin IV")Sigh...not going there.

13. BLACK SABBATH - "Black Sabbath" Damn...thought this would be in the top 10. All things metal sprung from this.

12. IRON MAIDEN - "Powerslave" This is getting wierd how this is shaping up. I'd rank this lower though a very good album. One of their best.

11. MOTÖRHEAD - "Ace of Spades" More genres sprung from this. Classic stuff.

10. IRON MAIDEN - "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" Top 10 land. And no shit. The most underrated album in the states gets a top 10 in Greece. Wild.I love this album though.

09. BLACK SABBATH - "Paranoid" More Sabbath high up. I guess this ranks higher due to more popular songs then the debut?

08. BLACK SABBATH - "Heaven and Hell" Whoa a Dio fronted Sabbath beats the original and scores of other albums. This would be ranked waaaay lower in the States. Like I said Sword and sorcery ftw in Greece.

07. SLAYER - "Reign in Blood" Slayer ahead of Megadeth and Metallica. I feel like I'm in some alternate dimension. Slayers "we're maturing album".

06. QUEENSRŸCHE - "Operation: Mindcrime" Probably their best but 6th best of all time? Crazy.

05. METALLICA - "Metallica" (a.k.a. Black Album) No no no. Best selling is not the best. Oh well it's not my country.

04. AC/DC - "Back in Black" Moving on now.

03. Judas Priest - "Painkiller" Why do I have this compulsion to call these Greek voters idiots. Are you fucking kidding me? This as the 3rd greatest album of all time? Alright I want to get this done so I'm moving on. What a crock.

02. Iron Maiden - "The Number of the Beast" This doesn't make up for number 3 but yeah a solid choice.

01. METALLICA - "Master of Puppets" Interesting. I wonder what made the Greeks like this album more then any other on the list.It's going to add to my headache so there you go I'm done.

I will never do this again unless it's an American publication. then I can go all out and really lay into people there because I'm familiar with the culture here.
And by the way ,Greece a little suggestion. Go listen to some Testament and replace at least Painkiller with that. How could you have everybody on their but Testament? Or more Overkill, listen to more Opeth, and check out Kataonia. Entries from those would have replaced the glaring non metal shit you have on this list.

Oh well at least that country has topless beaches with hot chicks. We don't so what do I know?

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