Thursday, October 08, 2009

Aroarah Real time review


So this should be fun. Let me give a bit of back history before I get into this thing. My friend Draeden adores this band as seen in the pic. They're a all girl group somewhat locally out of Sacramento. I promised him I would do a real time review of their cd and post it up here. Now I have no clue what they sound like (I'm guessing a Donna knock off) or if I'm even going to like it. And he promised to not get mad at me if I end up hating it and saying so on here. It can't be any worse then Papa Roach (the last popular band to come from this area) right? Well let's find out.

The albums called the Big Package. Makes me wonder if that is a humourous dig on the fact they're a all girl band fixated on guys junk or something else. I hope not because again...the Donnas already have tread the territory of singing about banging dudes.

1. "The Journey" A interesting drumbeat at the beginning. Followed by solo intro. Singer has a Paramore tone to her vocals. I hate that. If you're going to be a girl singer try not to sound like a 12 year old girl. Sort of a punk influence to this. It's not bad. Slow outro. Songs not bad other then I couldn't understand half of what she was saying.Must be the mix or something.

2."My Biggest Mistake" Starts off kind of heavy. Her vocals are better in this. I can understand the words this time. Ooooo some growl in the vocals a bit. This is more of a hard rock vibe to it. Atypical rock breakup song with "Screw you dude I'm out of here and I'm not going to cry coz I'm woman hear me roar" lyrics.

3. "Unfold" Singer really strains her range trying to go over the background music. Goes back to a mid tempo pace. Pretty rockin tune. Bass interlude. This band makes me feel like I'm listening to someone play a filler song on a Guitar Hero track with every tune so far.

4. "Hey!" Anthem song? Slow rocking buildup. Wierd monotonous reverb sort of solo in the middle. Sounds like this song is about the guy being on her shitlist and needs to prove himself.

5. "Answers" Slow to mid tempo song. I ike the rythmn section as their riffs are basic but definatly rock. Still waiting on the vocalist to be more interesting though.

6. "Die Fighting" Upbeat punky kind of tempo. They really want to be metal I can tell.

7. "Be Gone with You" Oooof....flat vocals to start with.Ok so I want the vocalist to be more interesting but not in this way. Least liked song so far. Hooray for skip button.

8. "Wish You Well" Album is starting to spiral into Dullsville. Second song in a row where vocalist goes to lower register and it really brings out how flat she is unless she goes higher pitch. Next..

9. "Uncomfortable" Nice name as I'm starting to get uncomfortable listening to this and wondering how many more tracks there are. Hahaha. I kid. Harmonics in the intro. Bad mix in this one so far with muddy vocals. Another "get out of my life" song. An improvement on vocals other then the mix. Song rocks enough to make up for the last two tracks.

10. "Sirens" Boring movie but that Elle sorry. Back to this album. What the hell happened to the mix? It was fine after the first track and now it's kind of muddy again. Ooooo screaming all metal like in the back. Honestly whoever is doing the "Wake up!" in the background, if they were the doing the vocals in that style throughout this cd, I'd pay more attention. It's pretty cool.

11. "In Dreams" Must be the ballad. Wierd reverb stuff on the vocals all over this track. More background screaming. Strange song.

Alright so that's it. Definatly not what I was expecting. They can rock when they want to and it does have flashes of metal in parts. I think it suffers from the first album syndrome of trying to find an identity as there are alot of influences present but not cohesivly put together. Not my cup of tea as a whole but these girls definatly deserve to get more exposure and like any other band they'll grow and mature musically or fall into oblivion. They've got the ability to do the former.

The band is called Aroarah and you can check them out here or here

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Draeden Wren said...

Cheers for the review. I figured you'd give it this type of review. I still love the band, love the cd and they put on a great show.. And I challenge you to find a chick band that rocks out as great as these girls do. I know I can't. :) Aroarah rawks! :)