Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Give it up for Points North

A friend of mine from work and sometimes comment contributor on this site named Ken has been telling me for months that his brother has a band and I'm such a goof I never asked what their name is or what type of music do they play. Well thanks to a pic Ken sent me it's time I fixed that.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Points North. Ken's brother Kevin is on drums.

Now Ken and I have our disagreements aplenty in regards to music but we're both metalheads and we also have our agreements and one thing we both agree on is there is a huge lack these days of straight forward rock music out there. I love me some Satriani and some Vai, hell instrumental rock period. And these guys deliver. In fact they're opening up for Michael Schenker on January 3rd in Concord Ca. I really should go check them out.

If the vid intrigues you go here to see more.

At least check them out for her. Seriously...it's almost Christmas.


The Dough Boy said...

Hi Rob,

Ken's brother Kevin here...thanks so much for posting this to your blog. Every little bit helps to get the word out there!

Just a quick bit of background - yeah, we aren't exactly a metal band but the roots are there. The three of us - if you haven't guessed - are all big Rush fans with lots of other influences thrown in. Our bass player Damien is probably the more 'metal' of us. In fact the title of the video you posted is called 'Maiden Voyage' because Damien wrote that tune and is big Iron Maiden fan - he has a LOT of Steve Harris in him - hence the name. He also used to play in 'Children of the Damned' Maiden tribute band (amongst others) and has just recently become the new bassist for long time thrash / metal-ers Death Angel!! So keep an eye out for him there.

Yes we are opening for Michael Schenker on Jan 3rd - this will be our 3rd time opening for him BTW! - but this time since Michael is doing his Winter Solstice Acoustic tour, we will be playing an acoustic set also. Should be interesting and fun. We also will be opening for the Steve Morse Band down in SoCal as well as Al Di Meola in Feb...SoCal again...but keep an eye on our Myspace page for other upcoming shows in the Bay Area and we hope to see you there sometime!


Rob Liz said...

It was my pleasure Kevin:)I absolutely caught alot of the influences you mentioned in many of your videos and picked this one because I'm a big Maiden fan.

Ken had told me that Damien was the new bass player for Death Angel, that's awesome. I remember those guys being somewhat local back in the day out of the Concord/Walnut Creek area and am stoked they're back out there doing their thing. Much luck to him.
And much luck to you all in Points
North, it's refreshing to see a group put out straight forward soulful instrumental rock out there in a age of ....well ...I don't know what you'd call it.
Take care and have a Merry Christmas to all members of Points North:)

The Dough Boy said...

Thanks Rob...also we are currently working on our CD - bass tracks are being done and I have a few more tracks to finish - it should be ready by spring...fingers crossed!

Merry Christmas to you and yours...