Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wishes for a new year and decade

Holy shit where did the time go? 2010....the year...2010.Seems like yesterday when we all thought that year was going to be full of high tech advances and meetings with other life forms. Well there are other life forms but sadly people like Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton were born on earth. So though our ideas of what was supposed to be in this decade didn't happen here are some things I can hope for in the new year and the next decade.

1. European and Scandinavian metal becoming more prominent in the States.There have been some awesome bands over the past two decades that have only marginally broken through over here. We need to get out of this pop music haze and really start to appreciate some real technical and songwriting ability.

2. Less screamcore/emo/MMA/Pantera ripoffs. Kind of in the same vein as number 1 the States seemed fixated with meathead music. If it's not angsty or aggressive(as in I'm going to beat your ass aggressive)it's crap with us.

3. Continue the thrash revival. There is a segment though of young bands that are bringing the thrash back and it's cool. As the old guard starts slipping bands like Warbringer and Lazarus A.D. are injecting some new life into it.

4. The record industry figuring out a post cd era. CD's can't last forever in a ipod age. Figure out a standard for marketing and distributing music that everyone can agree upon so some of these bands can actual sustain themselves.

5. More acceptance of metal music. It's been 40 years and with the exception of a few years in the 80's and early 90's metal still gets a bad rap as being violent,satanic,and talentless.Just ask the Grammys and Rock Hall of Fame. While it's true bands do touch on all three of those things metal is the only genre that can incorporate all other genres and be heavy as hell or just plain be diversified.Most metal musicians especially ones that have been around for awhile have other influences such as jazz or classical. Can anyone in rap or country say the same?

So there ya go, I enjoyed the 00's only because the revitilization of metal music began in this decade.

Everyone have a Happy and safe New Years.

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