Thursday, January 07, 2010

American Cartilage Tour postponed


Well this bites. I was looking forward to seeing this show on the 21st but it appears I might have to wait until after April. Seems Tom Araya's back problems that plagued him for months overseas and in Canada needs surgery to get fixed.

Unless it gets scrapped altogether. Dave Mustaine is fickle and the Testament guys are looking to finish up their new album between now and then so who knows if this tour is even going to happen though Blabbermouth reports that people are encouraged to hold onto their tickets.

Basically I wanted to go to see Slayer which I have yet to see in concert. I've seen Megadeth when they opened for Heaven and Hell but missed part of the set because the times got bumped up. I was still in line waiting to get patted down and in when they started playing and any time I can show Testament support I will. But yeah, I guess I'll have to wait again to see Slayer.

Anyways the procedure is supposed to be routine and all so here's to Tom Araya's speedy recovery.

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