Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Heavy Metal


Unofficially yesterday was Heavy Metal's birthday with the release of Black Sabbath's self titled debut. I don't know how I would have survived the 80's specifically high school without it. The power of the genre is so great that I'm now 40 and love it as much as ever maybe even moreso when by rights I should be listening to Coldplay by now.
While metal has never truly been respected overall it has never mattered as it has survived through four decades of change both musically and socially thanks in part to the fans that have understood it and embraced it and kept it going through tough times.
Here's to another 40 years and beyond to the greatest music genre on the planet.



Solomon G said...

Well, I've got seven years on ya, and I can say that the love for Metal does not diminish - if anything, it increases - with age. At least that's the case with me, and I know it to be true with many of the Metal brethren I came up with.

I've seen Metal come and go into and out of vogue so many times already, and I much prefer when it's on the down-low. The music is better for it, in general, and it keeps the embarrassing poseur quotient down to a minimum.

Also - SABBATH RULEZ!!! \m/ \m/

Solomon G said...
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Rob Liz said...

I agree about metal being on the down low to a degree. When it goes unnoticed bands can pretty much do what they want without label pressure to fulfill a demographic.Not to mention the creative level has a potential to be pretty high.

Make no mistake that even today there are genres that are poser heavy(i.e. hardcore,mallcore...anything with core in its name)but thankfully we have the internet now to give the truly talented bands more exposure and publicity to keep on going.