Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Minor tweek to the posts


I've done a minor tweek to the site. As I was reading over some of my longer posts I got annoyed at how much scrolling I had to do on the front page. So I added a Read More function to each post. If the post is going to be a long one from here on out you can click the Read More link to get the rest of the text. When I get time I'll fix the long archived posts.

But this way I'll be able to fit more posts on the front page because I've got a feeling some people are missing stuff I've done in the past.Feel free to leave me feedback on this little tweek.


Draeden Wren said...

I dunno.. I like reading your posts and I think the "read more" button will annoy me. Is there a way you can limit how many posts per page? Maybe that'll fix it.

Guillermo Rascon said...

I like it. I just wanna know how I can get that facebook share it link on all my posts on my blog.

Rob Liz said...

I could probably limit the amount of posts but I really don't want too. I want people to have the opportunity to see more articles per page and if the article is really long no one is really going to want to read anything else beyond it.
I know I wouldn't.Besides you said you like it now:p

Rob Liz said...

Guillermo, I went through at least 5 or 6 differant methods of integratinbg Facebook on here so off the top of my head I can't remember which one I tried.
I would suggest doing a search in Facebook for sharing with Blogger or whichever you're using. There should be links showing you what code to use.

Randy said...

Dude, how can I do this on my blog? I always thought about it, but didn't know how to do it on Blogger.

Although I do agree it can have it's positives and negatives.

Rock on,

Randy from The Metal Show Blog

Rob Liz said...

I'll get you the link when I get home from work Randy. I'm assuming you're referring to the read more feature?

Rob Liz said...


Here you go Randy. This link worked the best for me on getting that done.

Randy said...

Yeah I was referring to Read More. I'm still debating whether or not to use it, but thanks for the link!