Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Open Letter to Robb Flynn


Dear Robb,

I recently read an article on Blabbermouth where you fired the fans of San Diego because they weren't rowdy enough for you during your sets.I can see why you'd be pissed at San Diego.
1. It's got the best climate on the West Coast.
2. It's clean with nice sandy beaches.
3. Tijuana is less then an hour away for debauchery.
4. It's not considered the gayest city in America.
5. It doesn't have piss stunk demented transients roaming the streets.
6. You don't want to rip your eyes out trying to navigate it's streets.
7. It's got Seaworld.
Now here is why San Diego should tell you to go fuck yourself.

1.You've been the bridesmaid and never the bride for years. When have you headlined when it meant a shit?
2. You have a member of the band through no fault of his own is liable to collapse on stage at any moment cancelling the set.
3. You've been touring for three godamn years for this album. You just start to get new fans and then you make them wait. Meanwhile you play the same places with the same set every fucking time.Haven't you milked this as much as you can by now?Metallica toured for over 2 years in support of the Black album and sold millions of copies. Have you even gone gold with the Blackening?

I'm sorry you missed the boat and got your first break when metal was back in the underground and had to rip off other bands and trends until you found your niche 15 years later but ripping into a city because you think they're just not that into you is not their fault. San Diego is a laid back town. Duh. How many successful metal bands came from that city? There's not alot to get all metal about down there.

Maybe it's not San Diego you should be pissed at. After all their portion of the ticket price went into your pockets. Maybe you should be pissed at yourself for your lack of business sense, unoriginal stage presence, and ungrateful attitude.Or maybe your band is just not good enough and never has been.

As for me I've never liked your band except for this last album. It's pretty good thrash but nothing amazing. Certainly not enough to make me want to go a show with you on the bill and pit like no one has pitted before. And I think I'm not alone in this. Your stage presence consisting of telling me to get the fuck up over and over again and calling me a motherfucker constantly sure as hell is not going to make me love you any more either.

Time to reevaluate yourself my friend. You're not young anymore and time is running out even faster if you don't keep your shit in check.


Guillermo Rascon said...

I see that story also caught your eye. good write up by the way

Rob Liz said...

Thanks. Yeah I'm fed up with them. They've never made the big time because in my opinion, Robb Flynn doesn't know how to lead a band or get the kind of talent that will take him to the next level.
It's always someone else's fault and honestly, after 15+ years and I'm still not headling on a consistent basis I'd really start to rethink this whole rock star thing. But maybe it's just me.