Thursday, April 15, 2010

Death takes Peter Steele and again leaves the talentless behind.


Why is it that the talented and unique individuals are the ones taken away too soon? I don't want to get all existential or anything but my crappy day is just getting worse with the news that Peter Steele of Type O Negative apparently passed away of suspected heart failure at the age of 48. Waaay too soon to pass in my book.This is also why as a devout follower of Murphy's Law I probably would have avoided naming albums "Life is Killing Me" and "Dead Again".

And yes I'm aware that in the past there was a prank pulled where reports were made of his demise but I don't think that's the case here. It would be a giant dick move(No Playgirl pun intended)for this to be a hoax when everyone in the industry is coming out of their holes with condolences.

I had first heard of Type O Negative back when Bloody Kisses was released but didn't pay too much attention to it due to my fickleness. I thought the slow music, and Peter's breathy baritone way of vocalizing was annoying. It was like some cliched type of vampire was speaking and trying to woo women into his lair. It wasn't until toward the end of the decade that a co worker of mine(who was a huge Type O fan) made me really listen to them that I realized how differant and special the band was.

Type O Negative had so many layers to their music. Slow,long,epic,doomy tracks to short, fast,thrashy,songs. And most of them were some sort of tongue in cheek or scathing commentaries on religion,record labels, or Peter's own life. There was a depth there that few bands could even touch in the past or present. And Peter Steele was the core of this. This is one of those times that a frontman is irreplaceable.

Here are some more videos(fuck you record label for making me have to go to Daily Motion to get some of these instead of Youtube)as a tribute to Type O Negative and especially Peter Steele. R.I.P.

Type O Negative - I don't wanna be me
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Type O Negative - My Girlfriends Girlfriend
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Type O Negative - Everything dies
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Guillermo Rascon said...

Its a sad day for sure. I saw them live 3 times, and Peter Steele was a great frontman. he will be missed

Magpie said...

I logged on last night and this news hit me like a punch in the mouth. I'd kind of lost track of Type O over the last few years, so I'm surprised at how shocked I was to hear this