Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happenin' Harry happens to be a dick


Here is a little life lesson to anybody who is in a band or other form of musical career. Don't piss off the people that give you free advertising. Awhile back I did a little piece on a guy in L.A. called Happenin' Harry and the Haptones. You can check it here if you want to. So this guy is a good friend of a co-worker of mine who grew up on the Sunset Strip. She never listened to any of the bands but knew the guys from the scene and suggested I connect with Harry to maybe get something going for the blogsite. So I did and got some dialogue going and posted on the blog and got his approval. Let's fast forward in time after the jump to see how this all played out.

So as everyone knows Ronnie James Dio passed away and Harry was posting tribute videos on his Facebook page. One of those videos was an old live clip of Ronnie with Rainbow. I posted a comment and things went south from there. Here is how the conversation went down.
Me: Are you going to the memorial Harry?
Harry: Why would you ask me that? lol and why here??
Me: Because I just got the info and I knew it was in your neck of the woods and was just wondering if you were going. Sorry.
Harry: And that's a private message????

So that little exchange kind of pissed me off because I didn't see anything wrong with me asking that. But I didn't want to create any waves so I deleted my comments and defriended him. Apparently he deleted his part of that exchange as well. Well the memorial came and went and out of boredom and curiousity I went to his page to see if he went. And there is a whole shit load of stuff on there, from some benefit concert his band was doing, to mentioning the Baptist people and how he was going to confront them. So I couldn't ask if you were going to the memorial but your page is filled with the stuff and people are commenting left and right with no issues? Well guess what? Here is some free friendly advice MARK.
1. Change the name of your band. Happenin' Harry and the Haptones sounds like some fucking surf band that's opening for Paul Revere and the Raiders not something from the Sunset Strip.

2. See these pics?


That's the same face you make in every picture, you fucking poser. Mix it up some and stop looking like you want jizz in your mouth.

3. You're in your mid 40's and it's not 1990 anymore. Hanging with porn stars and drug addicted former famous musicians is a soulless existance. You should have realized that by now.Grow up.

4. The Cat Club's reviews portray it as a shithole dive catering to over the hill musicians trying to hold onto some sort of legacy. I know you want to think you're hot shit for all of the people you know but you're promoting a piece of crap. Polish a piece of turd and it's still a turd.

5. The next time you get an offer for free advertising the least you could do is follow through with a couple of favors in return like interview contacts. I know it's a selfish business but I'm not getting payed for this and you'd be helping your "friends" out a little too.

So in closing, this accomplished nothing but it makes me feel better.I should have known this was going to be a waste of time when the first thing he typed back to me on my friend request was "Nice to meet you, any friend of anonymous is well...a friend of anonymous lol". I've removed the link from the Devilish friends section.If anyone happens to be in the area down there and wants to hit the Cat Club. Do NOT tell them That Devil Music sent you.


Martin said...

That's too bad. I know several bands that refuse to play the Cat Club specifically because of it's reputation and management. It's a shame really.

cable_zombie said...

This made me laugh, a lot. That guy looks like a fucking douche anyways dude.