Sunday, May 02, 2010

Rob Zombie's Halloween is a bloody bore

I hate it when something that should be a good idea on paper turns out to be shit. Rob Zombie making a remake of a horror classic should be a no brainer right? Wrong.I finally got around to watching this thing and figured it's been a long time since I posted on here so why not? Why indeed..

The original film was awesome because it was basically the first of it's kind with the inhuman psychopath killing machine. Sure, it was light on plot but since it was one of the first it had a ton of suspense behind it and actually made you nervous opening the door for kids on Halloween.It didn't need a ton of plot. You knew as a kid he killed almost his whole family and was locked away in a asylum for 15 years and escaped. Apparently Rob Zombie disagrees.

What Rob Zombie has basically done in this movie is give you a ton of unnecessary backstory leading up to the rampage.Seriously, for 45 minutes we are treated to redneck trailer trash vulgarity leading to death leading to a ton of attempted rehab of Michael Myers leading to more death. Basically Rob tries for the sympathetic angle towards Michael almost throughout this thing that left me bored.

And then to top it off later when you think the movie is about to end surprise! There is another 20 minutes of Michael's shenanigans.Is it a bad film? No....not really. It's just a long drawn out slasher flick.Lots of boobs and blood but way more characterization then is necessary.
I had part 2 queued up in Netflix but I'll probably pass up on it. This was one of those times I find myself sort of agreeing with the masses on a movie and I think that's what really pisses me off.

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