Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ronnie James Dio is NOT dead

According to Blabbermouth, there's been a hoax going around that Ronnie James Dio has passed away from his bout with stomach cancer.

A message to Ronnie's "widow" was sent offering condolences and she replied to them: "I am at the hospital and Ronnie has NOT passed away!!!! He is not doing good, but he is not dead.

We here at TDM, and metal-heads everywhere offer their thoughts and prayers (to whatever deity they worship) to Ronnie and his family in hopes he makes a swift and full recovery.

(throws up Devil Horns)


Rob Liz said...

People are such dicks."Hur hur.. watch the shitstorm I start by saying Dio has died". Karma's a bitch to whoever spread that.

Guillermo Rascon said...

metalunderground is really feeling the wrath of the metal fans. that site said he had died, without getting confirmation. I'm glad he's alive