Sunday, June 06, 2010

Devil Music A-Z: Amorphis


I'm a sucker of late for the Scandinavian metal scene. The compositions and lyrics are usually far superior then most of their counterparts in other countries. Especially in the area of melodeath. Amorphis is from Finland and have been around for quite a long time actually with their first release dating back to 1993. Now with all of the praise I've given to the Scandinavian scene I've got to be kind of a downer here. Amorphis falls in the category of I really wanted to like them. They're not horrible and put together some really good music but it just doesn't quite click with me. I think it's the vocalist which this band has had quite a few of though Tomi has the longest tenure of any of them.

I do enjoy the shit out of their second release Tales from the Thousand Lakes. It blends a great mix of death metal vocals with folk inspired compositions.I'll go back and check out more of the recent releases later and apparently June 16th will be the release of the new cd Skyforger. I seem to be pretty fickle so who knows maybe it will click with me as these guys deserve more attention.

*Prophetic update*
Yeah I'm a dumbass. First by saying that Tomi has the longest tenure. Pasi still has him beat. But that's about all he's got him beat by. I did in fact go back and listen to this band with Tomi on vocals and all I can say is wow. This band has found it's vocalist and it's sound. It's not so much melodeath as progressive death with a sprinkle of rock music. The last cd Skyforger is their best yet and you guys should really check them out. Here's a few vids from recent years.

Silver Bride from Skyforger

Silent Waters title track from same album

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