Saturday, June 05, 2010

Still on a Steel Panther kick

Ok, so in my boredom of being on call for work and not allowing myself to have the ability to go out and enjoy anything because I think the bat-signal is going to go off any minute I've decided to (as usual) surf the 'Net for music I don't know exists from bands I like. Apparently, I'm not as big of a Steel Panther fan as I thought. Searching YouTube, I've discovered a BUNCH of new songs that I wasn't sure was them or not: until I saw them on iTunes.

Yes, Steel Panther has a bunch of new songs:

"I Want Your Tits"

"Big Boobs"

"I Want Pussy" can see a theme here, right???...

Christmas song "Sexy Santa"

and two covers: Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" and Aldo Nova's "Fantasy". (Aldo who?????)

The original songs are great SP hits blending the usual ingredients of crudeness, pornography, and great riffs. But I want to concentrate on the covers. I've always been a fan of covers, preferring many of them over the original (Metallica's "Turn the Page" is an obvious one) and I expect that the artist in question does it their own way or adds a unique spin on it. The Aldo Nova cover is as bout as close as you get to being slightly different, but the Journey one sounds like Michael Starr is just singing Karaoke. Let me know what you think.


Steel Panther:


Steel Panther:

Me, I'd take Steve Perry anyday over Starr....

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