Friday, September 03, 2010

Devil Music A-Z: Black Sabbath


The godfathers of heavy metal as we know it. There is no argument with me.Deep Purple was an influence, Iron Butterfly was an influence, Led Zeppelin was an influence but Sabbath originated the sound.

I've had a strange journey with Sabbath though. The actual first album I ever heard in it's entirety was probably Born Again with Ian Gillan on vocals.And what drew me to it was the cover with the demonic baby. Of course the music did not live up to the hype. I then picked up the Sabbath albums with Dio because of a few tracks I heard and it was mindblowingly epic. I actually didn't bother with Ozzy Sabbath until years later. I mean I listened to the most popular tracks like Iron Man,Paranoid, and NIB but I never had the desire to own a album until I picked up Master of Reality in a bargain bin. I was hooked from there.

I think if I had to breakdown my favorite eras of Sabbath it would be the 1st four album with Ozzy and the first two with Dio. I was very fortunate to see the Dio era live on the Heaven & Hell tour a few years ago as Dio has since passed as everyone knows. Would I want to see a Sabbath reunion with Ozzy? Not as much now as I did a few years ago on Ozzfest but if this was going to be the swan song of the band then I would definitely fork over the cash.
After the jump is some Ozzy era Sabbath videos. Enjoy.

You didn't think I'd really leave Dio out of this did you? R.I.P. Ronnie

Here is a rare video if Zero the Hero with Ian Gillan. It's rare probably because it's wierd as fuck even by today's standards.

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