Friday, September 10, 2010

Devil Music A-Z: Bruce Dickinson


Some of the most underrated music out there in the metal genre happens to come from one of the most celebrated frontman in metal. When Bruce left Iron Maiden after Fear of the Dark and decided to put out some solo albums it probably couldn't have come at a worst time. Though his first solo record while still with Maiden wasn't that good imo, going solo when metal was reeling from the grunge movement and MTV's abandonment didn't seem to be a good idea.And honestly his first two solo records were about as crappy as Maidens efforts to go on without him.

Then all of a sudden brilliance came forth.Accident of Birth was what traditional metal was lacking for over a decade. Great songs and killer riffing. Bruce's vocals with a bit of an edge were some of the best he'd done in years. Then the following year Chemical Wedding came out and even blew that out of the door. Such a fantastic album. A couple of years later Bruce rejoined Iron Maiden and put out some good music but even to this day none of the albums since those two were as good as his solo records. A few years ago he put out Tyranny of Souls which had some great tracks on it but the magic was almost gone from those two cd's. I honestly ignored all of Brucey's solo work until a few years ago a friend had me listen to Chemical Wedding and was actually miffed that yet another great album in the 90's slipped under my radar.

After the jump is some of my favorite tracks from Bruce's solo career. Enjoy.

This is still my favorite track. This live version isn't quite as good as the studio but its still a killer tune.

Accident of Birth. One of the best tunes from that album. Killer riffs and hooks.

Navigate the Seas of the sun. Ballad and probably my favorite track off of Tyranny of Souls.

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