Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Disastrous year for concerts continues


Yet another band has fallen victim to the dreaded "mysterious serious" illness that has afflicted a prominent member. This time it's Kamelot. It was reported last week that Roy Khan at the last moment had to fly back to Norway to be treated for something serious enough to not be able to tour with the band in North America. So the band members were able to commision Michael Eriksen from Circus Maximus to fill in. On second thought.
This morning according to the offical webpage Kamelot has decided to postpone the tour until whatever hath befallen Roy Khan has passed and they can actually tour again. My thoughts on this after the jump.

First of all, get well soon Roy,hopefully whatever you've got isn't life threatening and you'll be back out there soon.

The tickets to this show with Leaves Eyes were actually on sale for months and I hadn't gotten around to picking mine up yet because my finance being they way they are. But after hearing the announcement of a possible replacement singer I didn't really want to go through the hassle of stretching the pocketbook for transportation and merchandise for both bands just to go through another situation like with Epica a couple of years ago. Plus it was going to be a struggle to make the Nevermore show 4 days prior anyway.

Again best wishes go out to Roy though because this year has been horrible for the metal community as it is. Hopefully when they come back out to tour it will be with support as good as Leaves Eyes was going to be.

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