Sunday, September 26, 2010

Minivans are metal?

As I get older I find it increasingly hilarious that music deemed unsuitable for radio or only on late night video shows are now being used for car commercials. And even then it's a travesty. Here is the latest case in point.

At first viewing I thought hell yeah....Judas Priest Hellion. But then it occurred to me. There is so much wrong with this commercial.

1. The guy coming out of the store looks like some shlub that would listen to Coldplay.
2. It's a minivan. Not a muscle car but a minivan that they have the Priest music blaring from and fire works.
3. The band on the DVD player is some dickhead in a shitty wig. Honda couldn't even spend the money to go the distance and have Judas Priest in the video.

So in the end, while I think it's cool that someone in the marketing department is an obvious metalhead, apparently he was creatively overruled on just what to do with the music. Poor guy, nice effort though.

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