Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pigskin Destroyer 666 Update: Week 3


Whooo! Angela Gossowski from Reign in Blonde must be gnashing her teeth and getting a makeover this week. Why? Because thanks to her offering me a trade of Austin Collie and Ahmad Bradshaw for Reggie Wayne I not only won my match up against Voodoo Shitshower but Austin Collie racked up 45 points while Reggie Wayne just got garbage yardage. Oh yeah I scored a league high 163 points. Thanks Angela(kisses).You can also put your website back up.

So next weeks matchup is against Chaos TD run by Snagon from TNOTB. I really want to smoke him because he's a dirty Giants fan. It might be tough going considering out projected scores are almost equal. Until next week.

M.V.P for the week: Austin Collie

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