Friday, September 24, 2010

Pigskin Destroyer 666 Update: Week Two


A bit late on this, sorry about that. Well we had a much better week this time then the first. We actually scored 134 points this time. The bad news, we still lost.Having to rely on the Saints not letting the Niners score and hoping that Pierre Thomas did not get the ball for the Saints proved to be futile as our opponent still racked up 142 points. Not bad though considering at one point we were down 101-19.But I've made some moves that will hopefully improve the running game and maintain a good receiving corp.

It appears we're up against yet another member of Thrash Hits U.K with a very intimidating name of....(snicker) Voodoo Shitshower.Wish us luck.

Team M.V.P.:Matt Schaub.

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