Friday, October 29, 2010

Communic is apparently still active


Blabbermouth reports today that Communic is gearing up to head back into the studio after a long layoff. This is fantastic news for me because I first heard about them in 2006 for Waves of Visual Decay.I love this bands music and it's even more amazing to me coming from a three piece. Their early stuff was reminiscent of Nevermore but the last release was more of their stamp.

I'm glad to see that they're still active considering that they could not get a real tour package together in support of Payment of Existence plus Oddleif Sensland became a father and got married so that put a wrench in the gears. So now the family life stuff is taken care of and it looks like they're ready to hit the cycle again. I'm pretty stoked.After the jump is one of my favorite tracks to give those unfamiliar a taste of what these guys are about.

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