Saturday, October 16, 2010

Get Thrashed ....and nostalgic


Get thrashed is a documentary that covers the history of thrash metal.I couldn't remember if I had seen it or not because I didn't see an article on it. So I sat down and watched it and had indeed viewed it before. I'm just a terribly lazy person sometimes and forgot to write an article. But it sort of works out because because I had forgotten much about the film and it was interesting how it had become a time capsule already having been released in 2007 and knowing some of the changes that had taken place since then with many bands.

This documentary is sort of unique as it doesn't fall back solely on metal historians or 'experts' to tell the story but of the artist and industry people themselves perspective. It begins with members of the old guard such as Blitz from Overkill and Kirk Hammett from Metallica for example going over how they got into extreme music and how thrash formed.

All regions are covered such as L.A. ,The Bay Area, New York and even Germany. There is quite a bit of attention given to Metallica because let's face it they're the most successful metal band of all time but the film doesn't spend much more time then it has to on the those guys. In fact the Big Four gets just enough coverage I think to satisfy even those people that are over those bands by now.

Some interesting notes as I said is the time capsule that this film has become. Gene Hoglan of Fear Factory is spoken to but he's not back with Fear Factory yet and with his original band Dark Angel. Death Angel were still broken up. Dave Ellefson was not back with Megadeth.On the flip side many bands that are fairly popular today are included as newcomers such as Shadows Fall, Skeletonwitch, and Municipal Waste and they get their fair share of interview time.

There is a bonus feature that is pretty good in it's own right where it's basically discussing bands that didn't get any coverage in the main film are talked about at length in here. Such as Testament, Metal Church, and Overkill.

If I had any problems with the documentary it would be some people were given way too much interview time then I think they should have gotten. Even though I grew up technically in the Bay Area I never once heard of Hirax and they spend alot of time talking to the lead singer of that band.Another person that gets entirely too much face time is Corey Taylor who while influenced by the thrash scene and Slipknot is still pretty popular doesn't really add much to the film and actually comes off like Jeff Spicoli more then a lead singer. Also if you're going to interview someone and they are struggling to come up with good things to say then don't put them in the final product. Such as the historian guy who was obviously not a fan of Overkill and basically fumbled around until he said 'they were a major influence'.

But overall if you're a fan of thrash music or just interested , do yourself a favor and check this film out. You might come away with some new favorite bands out of it and get knowledge at the same time.Here is the trailer for 'Get Thrashed'.

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