Sunday, October 24, 2010

Iron Thrones wants to rule your ears. Let them.


Iron Thrones is a band out of Minneapolis, Minnesota that plays a combination of progressive and death metal or as Steve Henningsgard(guitarist) puts it "It's like an audio version of Scarlett Johannson, with gauntlets". They have recently won the No Label Needed Contest which is an awesome achievement considering how many unsigned bands were at this and now have a label to themselves. They have also recently wrapped up tours sponsored by Metalsucks and TNOTB. So if you are in the mood to check out some really heavy progressive music and want to see them in an area near you, check out these banners and either pick up a copy of their latest cd Hero Destroyed or see them at a club near you.

Also you can go to their downloads site and listen to the EP for free and then purchase the full length.

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Draeden Wren said...

Not for me, but decent.