Sunday, October 17, 2010

Myspace is Dead to me


I gave it the old college try. I really did. But it seems like my relationship with Myspace had to come to an end. You see I just cannot be with someone who can't trust me. I did nothing wrong but it didn't matter, I didn't have the freedom to see other people and was continuously blocked from communicating. Here is the breakup letter after the jump.

Thanks for contacting MySpace.

We've recently discovered that BlogSpot pages are being used by spammers to send spam, so all links to that site have been disabled. Although you or your blog may not be associated with or linked to spam or spammers, to protect all MySpace Profiles from spam, phishing, and online scams, all links to BlogSpot are blocked.

You are still welcome to link to content you may have hosted on BlogSpot through your own top level domain that you own and control.

Please contact your registrar or hosting provider for more information regarding domain forwarding and linking your domain to your content hosted on a free hosting service.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thanks for keeping MySpace a safe and secure place to socialize with friends.

The MySpace Support team
Our response
Thanks for contacting MySpace.

This is an automated response to let you know we’ve received your message. Someone on our team is reviewing your question and will get back to you soon.

The MySpace Support team

Your message
Why does my blogsite come up as a phishing site? It's not true. I'm trying to post links when I write an article and it's being blocked. Please advise.

And here is my response to the breakup letter.

Thank you for your response. As Blogspot is a free site hosted by Google I will not be able to do as you are suggesting. I will continue to use Facebook for my promotional needs.Frankly our relationship wasn't going to work out due to the cluttered mess of your layout and the incessant copy and paste tactics of your users. Personally I can't wait for the day when music artists can duplicate the promotional tools they use for Facebook instead. Tkank you again for your time.

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