Saturday, October 02, 2010

Unsigned and Unknown:10-02-10


This one is going to be pretty short as I'm down to only one band. After the last one I was down to pretty much just random people wanting to friend up or people that were doing solo projects and very badly. So after cleaning out the in box what I had left was these guys so let's get going after the jump.

Never to Arise:Out of Florida we have an army of two. I really do appreciate the honesty in their biography."We are a two man Death Metal band from Pinellas County Florida who have no pretentions about becoming big time rock stars,we just want to share our music with as many people as possible. Home recorded on a budget of zero dollars, it may not sound pretty - but neither are we."

Well that's refreshing, so let's see what two death metal guys with no ambitions have to offer.It's death metal with riffs and shredding lead guitars. I'm still wondering who's doing the drumming though because it's not listed under the two guys description unless they programmed it. But anyways, these guys are just as good with what they have as a band of four would be. That's either a compliment to them or a diss on the death metal genre. Take a listen and decide for yourself.As for friending them. I'll pass because while I do appreciate the honesty if they don't want to do anything with their project but spread it around Myspace then I can't be bothered to further the promotion. Sorry guys.

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