Saturday, October 23, 2010

Unsigned and Unknown:10-23-10


Though I've scrapped Myspace as an outlet for TDM I still have my personal Myspace page. And just like before if you start adding bands as friends you get people coming out of the woodwork wanting to get their music out. Which is ok because the well had really dried up before. So let's see who we have here after the jump.

Darkwater: From Sweden we have a progressive metal band called Darkwater. And progressive they are. With Symphony X, Dream Theater, and Evergrey as their influences you get exactly what they say you're supposed to get. The first track is very symphonic with speedy riffs but very melodic.These guys seem to also tread a bit into power metal areas with their vocalist doing a combo of Tom Englund and whoever the vocalist for Firewind is now. these guys aren't really breaking any new ground but they have chops. Of course, because it's Sweden. I'll accept their request.

Anachronaeon: Also from Sweden we have another prog group though they claim death metal. So melodeath? Let's find out. First track has spoken word intro and then some shredding. Now the vocals kick in. I get the feeling from the description that these guys are on the cusp of doing some cool stuff if they could get a rounded out lineup and better production. The vocals are almost a monotone semi growl. It's not horrible and really makes me wonder if I should friend them. I'm all for giving out free press but will these guys actually move beyond this sound? I'm going to deny it for now. Get a bit better guys and then shoot me another one.

I'm going to leave it for now so I have something to post later.Especially since we're at 50 50.

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