Thursday, November 25, 2010

Devil Music A-Z:Thanksgiving Edition:Psychostick


Yes I'm jumping ahead in the letters but Thanksgiving is a special day. Since the two themes of Thanksgiving is to give thanks for whatever you have and eating, what better band to celebrate the eating part then Psychostick?Why? Because their last album 'Sandwich' was almost totally dedicated to food.Observe after the jump.

Now not all of their songs are so angry such as this one. Here is a behind the scenes track on the album.

And of course you can't wash your meal down with just egg nog and cider. Psychostick's most famous song extols the virtues of beer.

What's that? You say the music is not very festive or holiday-ish in nature? Well the guys also put put out a holiday EP entitled the 'Flesh Eating Roller Skate Holiday Joyride'.Here is a song to kick your holidays off with.Enjoy.

So there ya have it. Run out and get Psychostick's Cd's. There's something I think for everyone. Comedy,metal,and food. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


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I'll keep that in mind for next Thanksgiving, thanks Nate:)