Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Kat Von D Chronicles


So there's really not a lot to post about this so I'll make it quick.

Sunday we went to borders in Sacramento to meet Kat Von D and get a signed book, let me rephrase that. We had to buy the book to meet her and get it signed.

We go there at about a quarter to twelve noon and there already were more than a few hundred people there. She arrived in an Escalade with her co stars (of LA Ink) in tow Artist Dan Smith and her own Kato Kaelin, "Rooftop". Douche. We also heard from the girl in front of us that Jessie James was in there but just lurking and not a part of the event, but I never got a visual confirmation of that.

Over all it took about three hours of standing in line to get up there,say hi, get the book signed and then take a posed pic with her - which was super cool of her and highly unexpected. In the back behind her was Rooftop and Dan and you could say hi and get pics if you wanted; some people even asked them to sign their books as well though I couldn't understand why.

She was super sweet and extremely kind for standing there the whole time to sign books and smile for the camera. I honestly did not expect that. Ozzy sat behind a table and just signed books. No pics. No interaction. Granted she's not Ozzy but I think there was a lot more people here to see Kat than him. There was still a huge line past where I first started when we got our books and went out the door.

All in all I really enjoyed the day and though I'm not sure who all got their books signed I have a feeling everyone walked away happy.

Kat @ the book signing:

Me and Kat Von D:

Me with Dan Smith and Rooftop

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