Friday, November 05, 2010

The pretty awesome

Ok, so I happened to finally pick up the recent issue of Revolver Magazine, looking for the calendar "Women of Hard Rock", because Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez (of Eyes Set to Kill) and Maria Brink (of In This Moment) are both featured in it. Much to my delighted surprise, Simone Simmons (of Epica) is also a featured calendar girl..


So as I mentioned I picked up the latest issue of Revolver with a skinny raccoon-eyed blond on the cover named Taylor Momson. I've heard the name before, somewhere, I just couldn't recall how or why.
More on that later.

So I'm scanning through, looking for the Hottest Women of Hard Rock calendar and not finding it: WTF?! I do, however, see an article called "scream queens" with hot female vocalists but no calendar. Somewhere inside I note that you have to buy the calendar separately from their website. Bummer.

My first mission a failure I decide to start reading, starting with the Scream Queens article, of course.

First featured is Taylor Momson, the cover girl from a band I've never heard of called The Pretty Reckless. I still know the name and still not sure where though I've never heard of that band. Reading on I find out that she's one of those teenie-bopper spoiled bitches who's on some popular angst-y show called The Hills, who thinks she can sing and ants to put out a club friendly cd full of spewed out recycled shit. Not the case.

So I do as I always do when checking out new music; get on YouTube and watch a couple videos. I sat there staring at my screen, waiting those minuscule first few seconds before it starts, knowing deep down i was going to be disappointed, setting myself up for another failed mission. I was so wrong.

The first one, "Make Me Wanna Die" started and right off the bat I was really enjoying the music. It's not very harsh as hard Rock goes but a great catchy tune it kinda sounds a little industrial and a bit gothic-y. As the vocals hit I realized how wrong I was about Taylor's voice. It wasn't singing as I expected it to be from someone who looks like her, it was smoky, it was haunting, it was delicious and angry: like cheesecake filled with razor blades.

Think Fiona Apple but without all the suck.

I couldn't believe my ears - I expected some annoying cum-guzzling Hannah Montana carbon copy and I get this sweet and sexy moaning coming out of my speakers. It also doesn't hurt that she spends the length of the video stripping off layer after layer of clothes til he's pretty much an undead looking Victoria's secrets model.

As far ad the article goes I get the impression she's rebelling against who people see her as and is trying to be an uber-badass: gothic make up, smoking and drinking, taking her clothes off and dressing like a prostitute, cussing like a sailor - all at the tender age of seventeen: I'm sure I could go to jail for the naughty things she's forcing me to think about her. Regardless, she has the potential to have a great music career, though I think she needs to chill with the attitude; the image she portrays that's the exact opposite of the character she portrays on some retarded TV show. Be who you want to be not the exact opposite of who they expect you to be.

All in all I'm really happy I picked that magazine up, The Pretty Reckless is a great find and though they only have an EP out, apparently they're going to have a full length cd out soon. If it's as good as the tunes they've put out so far then I'll definitely pick it up when it hits the shelves.

If you wanna hear more you can check out their other videos on YouTube, their Myspace and iTunes.

On a side note, if your significant other doesn't like your music, introduce her to this and tell her that one of her "Disney pop princess, MTV sweet sixteen crybaby bitches" is the lead singer, and you'll find that there IS music out there you can enjoy together instead of you pretending to enjoy Lady GaGa just to make her happy.

Here is their video for "Make Me Wanna Die"

Here is another one "Miss Nothing"

Last but not least, here's some "Just Tonight"

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Rob Liz said...

Oh yes. The drama surrounding her being a cover girl at 17 was fantastic. As for her band, she's also channeling Courtney Love if Courtney love had ever been hot. Overall I think her band is pretty generic but she's recently turned 18 so any videos where she flashes the crowd will possibly not involve pasties from here on out.