Thursday, December 16, 2010

Heavy Metal: The Force Unleashed

Rewind to somewhere in late October/early November. I have been known to watch metal videos On Demand on Comcast every so often; sometimes to rock out, sometimes to annoy the neighbours, sometimes both. I honestly can't remember what day it was or what time of day for that matter, because for the most part it was just a normal day like any other. Little did I know how wrong I was.

So, as I said I was watching heavy metal videos On Demand and it appeared that for the time being they were promoting an upcoming video game called Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 on the Havoc channel. Being a massive Star Wars fan, and being an already fan of that game (I loved the Force Unleashed part 1) I let the adds go on when normally I would have hit stop and searched for my next video.

I'm really glad I did. The trailers and clips to the game looked AMAZING and I was awestruck by how beautiful the graphics were. The scene that played the most was Darth Vader getting force-bitchslapped through a wall by Starkiller. Freakin' sweet!!! At the end of the clip my jaw dropped. They were offering a chance to win a prize so epic, that no Star Wars fan alive would not want it. So what did I do? I entered.

Fast forward to December 12th. I get home from a long weekend vacation up the northern coast and once settled in I check my e-mail and facebook. After I don't know how many messages from this and that I finally see a message about me winning a prize/contest that I had totally forgotten that I entered, let alone that it even existed. But there it was in black and white pixels, "you are a winner".

I at first thought it was a joke, a horribly cruel joke, but after replying to the sender I quickly received a response. I did win! I was jumping up and down like a schoolgirl at a Justin Beiber show; giddy beyond belief and deep within euphoric retardedness.

Fast forward to today, after a few more back and forth messages with the gentleman who initially informed me of my winning and constantly watching the FedEx tracking site like a hawk, it had finally arrived.

So why, you may ask, am I posting about Star Wars on a heavy Metal blog? Come on! What's more heavy metal than Star Wars?

Everything about Star Wars is heavy metal. The battles, the weapons, the monsters, the epic heroes and evil villains. For example:

Lightsabers are heavy metal. Think about it. It's a mixture of beauty, chaos and destruction within those humming energy blades; much like a Kamelot song. Haven't you ever imagined holding one of the most deadly weapons in your hand and laying waste to villages of Ewoks while blasting Metallica's "Battery" in your headphones? Ok, that must be just me.

Either way you look at it, for me - Star Wars IS heavy metal. Need proof? Here it is in all its glory.

(insert heavenly choir music)

(Body of Guitar)

(Full Guitar)


(I'm a dork)

For those of you interested in the details, this is a custom Epiphone Special II (Les Paul body) guitar with the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 graphic all over this bad boy. It feels incredible in my hands and looks better in person than it ever could in a picture. Seriously, this thing rules.

A very special thanks to Terry (from Havoc) for the open communication I did not expect and the putting up with my unfortunate age regression when upon hearing that I won, I had literally turned into a child impatiently waiting for Christmas.

Thanks to George Lucas for creating such a huge part of my childhood and beyond, thanks to havoc TV for mixing great music with Star Wars in the first place and a special thanks to the Gods of Metal for allowing me to receive this epic piece of musical beauty.

For all of you I give you this song, more proof that Star Wars and rocking out go hand in hand like T-16's and Womprats.

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Rob Liz said... won a guitar not a Grammy. I wanted to hit the music during your acceptance speech to get you off stage:P

Draeden said...

What's so special about a grammy... Coldplay won a Grammy.. This is better. :)