Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jani Lane is Baffled That He Actually Has to Sing


Saw this on Blabbermouth this morning and the headline made me lol just a little bit. Yes Jani, Great White always put out much better songs that actually required singing by Jack Russell. While you were busy spending the last 20 years or so getting drunk and fat and sounding like horrible shit solo, Jack was getting fat,bald,and still doing the Great White thing.

I mean Great White did covers of Led Zeppelin songs and Jack Russell did a great impression of Robert Plant that Jani could never hope to achieve.So I'm a little baffled why Jani was picked to fill in while Russell recupes from surgery, because I don't think whenever Warrant is mentioned it's about those pipes. After the jump is the video from the blabbermouth page of Jani Lane singing Great White songs.Or trying to get though them.

Face the Day and Lady Redlight.

Jani's rendition of Lady Redlight is not too bad but clearly out of his league as this song is one of Jack's more powerful performances.
Face the Day was the first song I ever heard by Great White and its clear that once it winds up that Jani can't hit those higher registers.Actually the guy singing next to the cam is doing a better job on the chorus. Oh well at least Jani's not asking the fans to buy him drinks and storming off the stage like he used to.

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