Saturday, December 04, 2010

Kamelot released a Christmas tune. Who knew?

So way back in 1998 during the Siege Perilous sessions Kamelot recorded an instrumental cover of We Three Kings. But it didn't see the light of day except as a bonus track until their first live cd 'Expedition' was released. Why a Christmas tune is on there I have no clue. Since I don't own either albums it's no wonder this went under my radar until I was looking up metal related Christmas tunes.If anybody else knew this congratulations you're a nerd. So enjoy this cover of We Three Kings by Kamelot in the ongoing attempt to be festive here.

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Draeden Wren said...

I did.. :) Though I have to admit, even though I LOVE Kamelot, this one sounds way too much like Trans-Siberian Orchestra for me.. I would love to hear them do another one, or have changed this one up a bit.. Still a fan though..