Friday, December 03, 2010

Legacy of Disorder will kick you in the Kiwis

I received an e-mail from David Spaur who is the promoter for New Zealand based band Legacy of Disorder. He put together a pretty decent package of promotional items including the self titled debut by the band. I'm currently listening to it at as I write and I have to say this is a fantastic slab of groove thrash. I'm actually surprised this was released way back in 2008 and no one has talked about this yet. Every track is a punishing 3 to 6 minute set of riffs that give a nod to Devildriver and Pantera. And it's no wonder since they tapped Sterling Winfield to produce it who also produced Reinventing the Steel and Damageplan's debut.But a nod is all it is because these guys have their own sound.

Vocalist James Robinson has a power to his voice that rivals such vocalist as Phil Anselmo( in his prime) and Chuck Billy in that he can go from raspy singing to roaring thrash vocals. Rana Freilich can lay down some pretty good riffs in the vein of Exodus and this is actually his strong suit.Matt Thompson is the lone American in the group and his drumming does remind me of Vinnie Paul with his liberal use of snares and double bass.And bassist Jason Keill is pretty good at laying the lines down in a consistent manner.

The songs themselves tend to lean towards the brotastic tough guy area but it's not nearly as annoying as it could be. They have so much going on in each that you don't have time to fixate on if they're good lyrically but they are considering the nature of the source. 'Pay the Price' even flirts with a clean chorus which is average at best but it provides a nice change of pace to the other songs. Final thoughts and more materials after the jump.


So yes. I thoroughly enjoyed this album and recommend it to anybody that loves thrash or maybe even hardcore. There is something here for everybody and is exactly what metal should be. It's not heavy and br00tal for the sake of being heavy and br00tal. These guys have crafted songs that are not boring or fall into a repetitive trap.Here is the video for Facade to get a taste of what these guys are about.

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