Monday, December 27, 2010

My Anticipated List for 2011


I avoided doing a stereotypical list this year. Mainly because I suck at ranking things. I can tell you what my favorite and least favorite is but to delve into the in between is a struggle. So I posted up the year end recap but here is a list I really can't go wrong with. Mainly because I know what I like. So here is my list contribution in order of release date for albums in 2011 that I'm anticipating.Feel free to try and troll me in the comments.

1. Battlelore - Doombound: Yeah I know I already have the advance on this and reviewed it. But I still want the physical copy when it comes out.

2.Lazarus A.D. - Black Rivers Flow: I want to see what these guys come up with and if vocalist Jeff Paulick can improve on his vocals. If he has look for this band to be on the forefront of modern thrash.

3.Sirenia - The Enigma of Life: Mortem Veland manages to keep gothic metal afloat by incorporating great riffs and compositions. I don't anticipate much of a departure from the last album but Mortem's projects post Tristania have yet to disappoint me.

4. Devildriver - Beast: I still like this band even if they've gone closer to the core sound over the last couple of albums. Hopefully this album will be a progression beyond Pray for Villains.

5. The Project Hate MCMXCIX - "Bleeding The New Apocalypse (Cum Victriciis In Manibus Armis: Another overly long album name from this industrial tech death group. I'm pretty new to them but what I've already heard is amazing. They have a new female lead in Witchbreed's Ruby Rocque on this album so it should be interesting to see what she brings to the table.

6.Amon Amarth - Surtur's Rising - This might be one of my most anticpated releases in 2011. Each album for me has been better and better. Can't wait to see if it tops Twilight Gods. Bloody Vikings.

Those are the confirmed releases so far. Here is a list of bands that are supposed to release new albums this year that would make me happy in the wee wee.
1. Amorphis: Hell yes. This band is at the best it has ever been and I can't wait to see what they come up with next year.

2. Communic: Seems like forever since the last release. Such a good band and I hope they haven't lost any momentum with the three year absence.

3. Draconian: Scratch that. This is my most anticipated of the year. Every album has been fantastic and if the new album is anywhere close to being as good I will rank them up there as one of my favorites of recent years.

4. Dream Theater: Anyone who says they're not anticipating seeing what this band does post Portnoy is a liar.

5. Evile: Great Slayer inspired first album. Mediocre second album. Hopefully the third album will be good.

6. Five Finger Donkey Punch: I just want to see if the UFC brocore stuff continues. It probably will.

7. In Flames: First album post Jesper. This will be interesting. I'm not a fan but I want to be. Let's see if the new guy can change that for me.

8. Leaves Eyes: I want to see a return to the first two albums. Though Njord did have one of my favorite tracks by them on it.

9. Metallica: Do I need to say it? Is this going to be a progression from Death Magnetic or an utter flop? The world waits.

10.Megadeth: Same thing except only the internet blogs wait.

11.Nightwish: I almost hope this sucks so I can write them off. This will be the first album with Annette's full involvement from day one. She doesn't have a metal bone in her body(well someone gave her one because she got pregnant)and it will be interesting to see if Tuomas's pride and joy suffers for it.

12.Opeth: Nothing needs to be said but can't fucking wait. Easily top 3 most anticipated.

13.Sanctuary: I'm anticipating this because I want to see what Warrel Dane does with this after over 20 years. will there be falsetto or will this just be Nevermore lite?

14.Skeletonwitch: I can't see these guys disappointing unless you're already tired of the sound after two albums.

15. Testament: Yep this is in the top 5 for anticipated releases. Probably one of my all time favorite bands and I can't see a letdown on this.

16.Tool: I love this band. I never got into the mystique and other bullshit surrounding this group. Just multilayered heavy prog goodness.

17: Toxic Holocaust: Joel Grind better progress some on this or it will be lost in the shuffle. 2 minute grindy thrash songs are fine but after awhile we need some variety.And better production.

So there you have it. I had some other bands that I'm interested in but not really anticipating for any reason. I'll save those for reviews next year when they come out. So as you can see I have a wide range of genres I like and a wide range of genres I ignore. Should be a good year regardless and who knows, I'll probably still discover bands I'd never heard of before.

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t-o-n said...

Good picks. I’m with you In Flames…..and I guess I’m vaguely curious about Dream Theatre, too (given that I’m more a fan of the *idea* of what Dream Theatre does, than I am of the actual music).

As for Metallica, I have only morbid curiosity anymore; the primary question is not if it will be any good, but, rather, to what end will they go to (a) try to prove to their fans that they still can still play as hard as Lamb of God, et. al.; and (b) prove to themselves that they haven’t completely lost touch with the 25-year olds who made all of that game-changing music back in the mid-80’s. The same question is asked every few years, and the answer has rarely been satisfying.

Megadeth has a real blessing to not have to be anywhere near as self-conscious….which is why I trust their album will be better across the board.