Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pigskin Destroyer 666 Update: Shattered Dreams


It was a valiant effort on my part. I fought bravely against seemingly insurmountable odds. I had amassed 139 points and on Any Given Sunday I would have been victorious. My opponent was mightier still and defeated me with 151 points. All I fucking needed was 25 more yards or a touchdown from Percy Harvin or just another touchdown by the Vikings in general and I could have won the damn game.But no, the Vikings turn the ball over deep in Chicago's territory effectively ending the game.

And so the playoffs end for That Devil Music in it's quest for blog dominance in an arena of hack writers and cynical metalheads playing a game where we have no impact on the real games what so ever.Congratulations to Deseee of TNOTB as he advances to the finals against Angela Gosskowski of Reign in Blonde to determine the champion of the 1st annual(?)fantasy football league.I'm proud of how far I got considering the parade of injuries my players sufferred and I couldn't replace with anybody worth a shit. Thanks to the TNOTB for inviting me aboard. I will continue to compete because I do want to get the bronze medal but this will be the last post on this for now.

Here's to Des getting beat by a girl in the finals.

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