Thursday, December 23, 2010

Whitesnake has New Album News. No Tawny Kitaen is Not Involved.


It's a slow news day. I know this because so far this is all I could think to write about though it's a day late. So in March of 2011 Whitesnake is going to give it another go at a comeback with a new album called Forevermore. Which sounds like that Whitesnake is not going to take a hiatus again on purpose like before.

Look, I liked Whitesnake in the 80's. Slide It In was a fantastic hard rock album. Then they got suckered into the hair metal crap and with the exception of a couple of tunes delved into the groupie wooing that so many younger bands were doing.I saw them live in 1987 and Coverdale spent half of the set trying to keep people from getting smashed up in the front and the other half prancing around singing.

Then a few years ago I saw them play for the 25th anniversary which was also a reunion except none of the band members had ever played for Whitesnake before. Reb Beach signed on to play better tunes then Winger ever did. Problem with that show was Coverdale's vocals were shit. He hit high notes he was never so supposed to hit again and it actually was ear piercingly uncomfortable.And then after the disastrous tour opening for Priest where he blew out his throat and needed to recover we get treated with news of a new album.

So that's alot of griping on my part. Are any of you excited to hear about a new Whitesnake album? Let me know in the comments.In the meantime here is a tune from when they kicked ass after the jump.

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