Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Devil Music A-Z: Dimmu Borgir

I will never be accused of being the most kvlt metal fan on earth. Case in point my fandom of Dimmu Borgir. When I first listened to them it really was my first exposure to anything black metal related. Even then I wasn't too into the blastbeats and the croaking type vocals.It wasn't until I really listened to the songs that I realized just how much was going on. The symphonic overtones that made each song sound epic. The fact that I could understand Shagrath's words. And the fact that he could go from croaks to growls to roars. I get his vocals are processed in the studio but it sounds evil like it should. It wasn't until I started reading the comments of others that I realized how much disdain for this band people that did like tr00 black metal had for Demon Burger.

Dimmu Borgir has come out of late admitting that they're not pure black metal. Isn't that enough? I say this because that was one of the biggest gripes is that they passed themselves off as being black metal and weren't. Well let me say this, fans of the frostbitten and grim. Fuck off. Your music in it's purest form is the most ill produced and boring shit on the planet. Much like your commentary on Dimmu Borgir.Ooooo let's be evil and satanic and corpse paint our faces to be bad ass.Go and listen to Stormblast and let those of us that don't give a fuck about Immortal,Behemoth,Darkthrone, or Keep of Kalessin enjoy extreme metal that doesn't make us turn it off after a minute in.While you're outgrowing the corpsepaint I'll still be listening and enjoying Dimmu Borgir's music. In the meantime let's sexy this post up with a NSFW video that I've posted before. It sort of encapsulates everything I like about DM's music.

If you're new to this band check out my other posts by clicking the Dimmu Borgir tag on the right and check out a couple of videos from the newest album Abrahadabra that's out now.


The Ranter said...

Don't feel bad, Rob. Dimmu in small doses won't get you banned from the Tru Kult.

However....can I admit that I kinda sorta like Cradle of Filth? Does that make me a bad person?

Now...I like them because I find Dani Filth hilarious, but...the music is so bombastic and the whole ridiculous themes appeals to the same side of me that loved the remake of Clash of the Titans (LOL)

Rob Liz said...

Yep. Not a Cradle of Filth fan at all. Take Dani out of the equation and it could be a different story.