Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Do's And Don'ts of Promoting Your Unsigned Band To Me.

I don't get as many e-mails from unsigned bands as many of my contemporaries but I do get my fair share. That Devil Music is growing constantly in readership so as a conscientious, power mad CEO of this slice of the internet I find it is my duty to be a filter for you,the reader,on what should or shouldn't be exposed to you.As such I will pass on news and other information on bands I end up enjoying and think deserves a shot and ignore the ones from the bands that have ,let's just say,issues. So journey with me on my do's and don'ts based purely on my own criteria of how to get your band to end up being the pages of That Devil Music for the world to see. After the jump of course.

DO be polite and courteous in your introductory e-mail. This should be a given. You are initially dealing with a complete stranger that may or may not like your music therefore if you say please and thank you I'm more apt to look at your links.
DON'T be a complete jackass in your introductory e-mail. I don't want to see douchebag slogans at the end of your e-mail that only a neanderthal would respond to. Even if you do say thanks spell it properly and not with an 'x'. I don't know you and we're not beer buddies and even if we were I'd still mock you for acting this way.

This we are not

DO be thorough. Send me links to album art if applicable,links to any music that can be played,band photos,press releases, and a brief history of the band. I have to post this for potentially thousands of people to run across over a period of time so we both want the promo article to be as engaging and informative as possible.
DON'T just send me myspace links. Myspace doesn't tell me shit of who you are or what you're about plus it's a lazy outlet for getting you seen. Have a hosted website at least with content on it so I can get a good feel of what you're about and know you're making a real effort to be a real touring band. Set up a bandcamp account so I can check out your music or something similar.

DO keep any if at all opinions to yourself about That Devil Music. I don't want my ass kissed just to get the band's name out there. It's ok if I'm not well known. I'm just trying to help the heavy music industry out.Just get to the point of what you'd like from me.
DON'T lie to me about my site. I don't want my ass kissed by telling me my site is sick as fuck. I'm not a 20 year old that responds well to bro speak. If you're going to tell me you like my site then at least reference what you liked about it so I know you actually read it. I will in turn invest time to see what your band is doing.I'm a computer tech in the real world and I can smell a copy and paste e-mail a mile away,genius.

DO get a publicist or at least have the best speller in the band send out the e-mails or press releases. The more intelligent the e-mail is the more likely I'll take you seriously.
DON'T spell like this

DON'T send me e-mails filled with teenage texting speak. If all of you are knuckleheads that are too lazy to use spell check or at least be professional then I'm ignoring you. You're too lazy to be a real band in my eyes. Even the most infamous bands in history had someone that was intelligent enough to communicate properly.
Like this guy

Now granted even if the do's are met ,and there really isn't much of them, there is the possibility that I just don't like your band or the music. Please don't take it personal but right now it's mostly just me running things here and while I do have other contributors it's highly unlikely at this point that I can send your music to someone I feel might do it justice because they post so infrequently. Though I could be wasting my breath there because let's face it either way if you're in the do's or don'ts camp you probably won't notice not being published if you're sending e-mails to every site you can find.

Mainly because we're just one of at least thousands of sites out there that are trying to get the music heard and the bands seen that we like. But if you truly are in this because you think your band is good enough and you love what you're doing then that should translate on how you present yourself to get noticed out there. Not just for me but I'm pretty sure the thousands of other sites in existence.

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