Thursday, January 27, 2011

Great News Everybody! Bret Michaels Will Continue to Live! No Word on His Bandanna Though.

I was hoping Acacia was going to write this up seeing as she's a fan and supposed to be the hair band correspondent or something but oh well. Guess I'll be the one to pass on the news.

Bret Michaels who is a diabetic and has recently had a brain aneuryism among other things was really diagnosed with a hole in his heart and went into surgery. He's in recovery and according to CNN his doctors have said they did not botch the surgery. Huzzah!. Thank god for that because his Camaro at auction just went for a 200,000 dollars so we wouldn't want that to go waste. Not to mention another season of crappy reality shows and more pseudo country rock albums of the shittiest order. So congrats Bret on still being around to rock the cougar's worlds!

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