Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello? Judas Priest? Just What Are Your Plans?

I'm glad I didn't end up doing a tribute page on Judas Priest page after all.Back in December I wrote this up with what I thought was monumental news. Fast forward to today and Priest is not calling it quits? Just not doing major tours anymore? Glenn Tipton on his web page is quoted as saying thisafter the jump:

As you may already be aware Priest have announced a fair well world tour beginning this summer, for details and dates please visit

We are all excited about the tour and are currently having meetings to discuss the stage production, but above all the set list. We intend to include some classic priest songs that we haven`t played before and of course the old favourites that every body will want to hear. Stay tuned for further updates.

To put every ones mind at rest this is by no means the end of the band, in fact we are presently writing new material, but we do intend this to be the last major world tour.

I'm getting really tired of the cryptic bullshit from these older bands.Especially when the first statements allude to something bigger then what is really happening. This explains why no one else stepped forward with comments other then Rob Halford,who is just as guilty for not clearing the air on what an actual farewell means.
So no more major tours but there might be smaller tours? It's not a retirement because a new album is being written but no major tour for? Fuck off Judas Priest. When you're ready to completely say goodbye let us know. Until then continue to enjoy your mediocrity.

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