Thursday, January 13, 2011

Joining the Evil Team

Hey, All!

Rob has asked me to join his Team of Everlasting Darkness and try my hand at this "blogging" stuff. I'm a nerdy, mild-mannered (glasses, even) low level bureuacrat who simply happens to Doom metal and blackened doom are my main musical interests, but I am pretty eclectic, so you may also see posts on things rather distant from metal. Apocalyptic, doom-laden experiemental neo-bluegrass from the son of a Nazarene Church preacher (Wovenhand)? Why not? Hope you enjoy my writing and learn about some new bands and music. That's the great thing about the internet! I'm new at this, so pictures will be coming eventually but not right away. In the mean time...something from the classic gothic doom band Fields of the Nephilim.

The Ranter

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