Monday, January 24, 2011

Metallica Gets Ominous About Big Four in the U.S.

That's the image on Metallica's website with the ominous coming soon next to it. Don't bother actually going to that Facebook page yet though. There is nothing there but a picture of a baby elephant. Somebody probably put it there as a placemarker for when the news actually goes live. Regardless, I should probably save up to go see this thing. Most of these guys have done some pretty ridiculous things over the years but I think my thrash metal life would not be complete if I did not go. Stay Tuned as more developments are sure to come the closer we get to summer.

*Update* I was early on the story but late on updating. Go to the Facebook page now as it is active to get scoop tomorrow.


darthmart said...

Lol, it's only one show in California. It would seem you're out of luck.

Rob Liz said...

Pretty much. See my new post today on that:)